"Minmus is the smallest moon orbiting Kerbin. From the surface of Kerbin, it can be seen on clear days as a tiny blue speck in the sky. It is often mistaken as dirt on telescope lenses or dead pixels but the top minds at the Kerbal Astronomical Society assure us that it is a real moon never the less."

―Kerbal Astronomical Society

Minmus is a moon in the Kerbal Space Program universe. It is the smaller moon of Kerbin. From the surface of Kerbin or the Mun, it is a cyan speck one or two pixels wide which appears to slightly oscillate vertically. This is a result of viewing its rotation from afar. Up close, it is off white in appearance with what seem to be icy buttes, large hills, and frozen lakes. The highest areas are over 5.7 km in altitude.


Minmus has very divergent elevations. Plateaus at around 5 km high are matched by "Flats" at datum altitude (0 m). Much of the surface is transitional lowlands and highlands. The vast majority of the surface is rolling hills, with lakes of a solid substance (such as ice or salt) concentrated near the equator.

The various "Flats" are almost perfectly flat and believed to have once been the site of liquid lakes. Minmus also has some mesas, one of which is near Minmus' north pole, that are so high compared to Minmus' sphere of influence that they count as "in orbit" according to the navigation tools.

Surface Samples from Minmus reveal that the surface is made up a "crystalline substance" that is "definitely not edible."

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