"He's lost the Princess."


"Somewhere in the sands of Vega."

- Commanderette Zarican to President Skroob

The Moon of Vega is a desert planet that's home to Yogurt and the Dinks.

Vega was covered in sands, often referred to as the sands of Vega. Lone Starr had to crash-land on Vega in order to make a safe landing. Dark Helmet later combed the deserts with giant combs, in an attempt to find Lone Starr and the Princess Vespa.

Quotes about VegaEdit

"Just one more dune to go".

"Oh, you said that three dunes ago. I don't have any more left in me".

- Lone Starr to Barf while crossing the desert

"Are we being too literal"?

"No you fool, we're following orders. We were told to comb the desert so we're combing it".

- Colonel Sandurz to Dark Helmet about combing the desert

Other Desert PlanetsEdit

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