Born  ?
Died  ?
Dragon Bronze Larinth
Original Name Neru
First Appearance Ever the Twain

N'ru was a dragonrider at Ista. He was born the son of a holder at Lado Hold, and was the twin brother of Nian.

Neru had long dreamed of becoming a dragonrider, especially of being a wingleader. One day, when he was 16 Turns old, dragonriders came on Search to his hold. They chose his sister and two others from the hold (a boy named Chaum and a girl named Orla), but, to his shock, and everyone else's, he was not chosen. His sister persuaded the dragonriders to take her brother along. Oswith, greenrider Conna's dragon, experienced an unsual sensation with him, as, due to the twins' extreme closeness and psychic bond, she was unable to fully sense his potential, and agreed that he might possibly be a potential dragonrider.

At the Hatching, he was the last candidate to Impress. The last egg had not cracked on its own, and the weyrleaders, as was the custom, intended not to help it. Nian "tripped" onto the egg, giving it the necessary crack for the dragonet to break out, and Neru - now N'ru - instantly Impressed.

It is not known what became of them after the Impression, but as a bronzerider, there's a strong chance that N'ru went on to become a wingleader.