National Association of Riflemen or NAR is a fictional interest group named in Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell's 1999 novel Trigger. An obvious reference for the real world National Rifle Association (NRA), Clarke and Kube-McDowell's National Association of Riflemen presents the same pathological fetishization of firearms and civic irresponsibility. In the novel the group seeks to block propagation of a device called the "Trigger" or "LifeShield" that prevents gunpowder from detonating, thus rendering there weapons impotent. "It's the power--that terrible, concentrated power in your hands, ay your command," comments the inventor of the Trigger/LifeShield on the sickness of attachment to guns. "The power to kill in an instant of rage, or impatience, or greed, across a room, across a street. There's a djinn inside the gun that obeys you--and because it does, others must, too." Pages 350-351.