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  3. FOH(Prologue)


  1. Pale, gangly fellow with gangly arms and a beak of a nose


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  1. Peddler, who had come to Emond's Field every spring as long as Rand could remember
  2. Peddler's wagon burned by Trollocs(EOTW 7)
  3. Had been a Darkfriend for more than forty years
  4. Summoned to Shayol Ghul twice
  5. Merged with Mordeth after Shadar Logoth
  6. Sometimes goes by the name Ordeith


Padan Fain arrives in Emond's Field in EOTW 3, bringing news of war in Ghealdan, and a False Dragon. He is taken into the Winespring Inn to speak with the Village Council. He disappears during the Trolloc attack on Emond's Field, and his wagon is burned.

Padan Fain arrived at the White Tower a couple of days before the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, in shabby, once-fine clothes, claiming to be from Lugard. He was happy to find conflict in the Tower between Elaida and Alviarin. Alviarin seemed to know what he was. He could sense the dagger and the Horn of Valere in the Tower. He answered Elaida's questions about Rand trying to mislead here into thinking Rand "devious and sly". Internally, he is not sure whether to think of himself as Fain, Mordeth, or Ordeith.

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