Paul Benden
Born c. 60-70 Before Landing
Died 1P 19
26 AL
Highest Rank Lord Holder of Fort
(Not actually called that)
First Appearance Dragonsdawn

Paul Benden was the first leader of the Pern colony. He had been a famous admiral during the Nathi War, and joined the colony seeking a peaceful life.

After the initial landing, his role as leader diminished, and was effectively abolished, as the colonists spread out to found their own individual holdings.

When Threadfall began, however, the colonists relocated to the Northern Continent, in a settlement that came to be known as the Fort Hold, with Paul Benden and Emily Boll as Lord Holder and Lady Holder - though the terms as such did not exist at the time.

Paul was maried to Ju Adjai. Benden Hold and Benden Weyr were both named after him, founded two years after his death.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Lord Holder of Fort
1P3-9/10-16 AL (with Emily Boll)
1P9-19/16-26 AL (alone)
Succeeded by:
Joel Lillienkamp