The Pern novels cover a wide range of times, and a vast ensemble of characters. This list will attempt to list every character given by name, and, at the very least, their position on Pern and any known familial relations. Major Characters will have articles of their own.

EEC Corps Edit

  • Asturias, Sevvie - Planetologist/Medic, already dead by the time of the discovery of Pern
  • Beldona - Pilot/Archeologist, already dead by the time of the discovery of Pern
  • bint Faroud, Shavva - Ancestress of Avril Bitra
  • Castor - Injured, shipbound at time of the discovery of Pern
  • Liu, Mo Tan - Nexialist
  • Neveshan, Flora - Zoologist/Botanist, already dead by the time of the discovery of Pern
  • Terbo - Zoologist/Chemist, already dead by the time of the discovery of Pern
  • Turnien, Ben - Geologist/Chemist

Landing and First Pass Edit

Second Pass Edit

Second Interval/Third Pass Edit

Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval Edit

  • A'dan - rider of Tigrath
  • Alessan - Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold
  • A'murry - rider of green Granth at Igen Weyr
  • Baid - cropholder at Ruatha
  • Balfor - Master at keroon beasthold
  • Barly - Healer at high reaches weyr
  • Berchar - Masterhealer at Fort Weyr
  • Bessel -Beastmaster
  • B'lerion- rider of bronze Nabeth, Wingleader at High Reaches Weyr, mates with Oklina and Hannath
  • Capiam - MasterHealer, Fort Harper Hall
  • Ch'mon - Rider of Helith at Igen
  • Clargesh - Mastercraftsman, glass, at Tillek hold
  • Cr'not - rider of bronze caith, weyrling master at High Reaches
  • C'ver- arrogant Watchrider that keeps Moreta from delivering the serum to Telgar Weyr, dragon brown Hogarth
  • Dag- beasthandler at Ruatha Hold
  • Dalova - weyrwoman at Igen Weyr, rider of gold Perforth
  • Dangel - Broth of Alessan
  • Declan
  • Desdra - Journeyman Healer, Fort Harper Hall
  • Diatis - Lord of Tillek Hold
  • Diona- rider of gold Kilanath, High Reaches Weyr
  • D'ltan - Weyrling at Fort Weyr
  • D'say - Rider of Bronze Kritith at Ista Weyr, former weyrmate of Moreta, father of M'ray
  • Empie - rider of gold Dulchenth at Igen
  • Falga - rider of gold Tamianth, Weyrwoman of High Reaches Weyr
  • F'duril - Rider of blue Dilenth at Fort Weyr
  • F'gal - Weyrleader of Ista, rider of Bronze Sanalth, weyrmate of Wimmia
  • F'neldril - Weyrling Master at Fort, Brown dragon Mnath
  • Fortine- Master of the Archives, Fort hold
  • G'drel - Weyrleader of Fort Weyr, dragon Dorianth, mate of Kamiana
  • Genjon - Master glassblower at Tillek Hold
  • Haura -Rider of gold Werth at Fort Weyr
  • H'grave - Rider at Benden Weyr, Dragon green Hallath
  • Jallora- Journeyman Healer, Fort Weyr
  • Kamiana- rider of gold Pelianth, Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr at the beginning of the Sixth Interval
  • K'dall - rider at Telger Weyr, dragon blue Teelarth
  • K'dren- rider of bronze Kuzuth, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr
  • K'lon- rider of blue Rogeth at Fort Weyr, possibly the first rider to recover from the Plague
  • L'bol - Ineffectual weyrleader at Igen, rider of bronze Timenth
  • Leef- former Lord Holder of Ruatha, father of Alessan; deceased at the beginning of the novel
  • Leri - Weyrwoman of Fort before Moreta
  • Levalla- Weyrwoman of Benden Weyr, rider of Oribeth
  • Lidora - Rider of Gold Ilith at Fort Weyr
  • L'rayl - Rider of Sorth
  • Maylone
  • M'barak - rider of blue Arith, Fort Weyr
  • Miridan - Weyrworman of Telgar Weyr, Rider of gold Sutanith
  • Moreta - Weyrwoman of Fort during the Plague
  • M'ray - rider of brown Quoarth at Ista weyr, son of Moreta and D'say
  • M'tani - rider of bronze Hogarth, Weyrleader of Telgar Weyr
  • Namurra - rider of gold Jillith at Igen
  • Nattal - old headwoman of High Reaches Weyr
  • Nerilka/Rill - daughter of Lord Tolocamp of Fort
  • Nesso- Headwoman at Fort Weyr
  • N'men - Rider of Jelth at Fort
  • N'mool - Rider of Bidorth at High Reaches
  • Oklina- Alessan's sister, rider of gold Hannath, mate of B'lerion
  • P'leen - Rider of bronze Aaith at Igen
  • P'nine - rider of bronze Ixth at Fort
  • Pollan - healer at big bay hold
  • Pressen- Journeyman Healer, High Reaches Weyr
  • R'limeak - Rider at Fort Weyr, dragon blue Gionth
  • S'gor - Rider of green Malth at Fort Wyer
  • Sh'gall- rider of bronze Kadith, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr
  • Silga - rider of gold Brixth at Igen
  • S'kedel - rider at Fort Weyr, dragon brown Adath
  • S'ligar- rider of bronze Gianarth, Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr
  • S'peren- rider of bronze Clioth, Wingleader at Fort Weyr
  • Suriana- fostered with Nerilka at Misty Hold, first wife of Alessan; deceased
  • Talpan- Journeyman Herdsman
  • T'grel - Friendly wingleader at Telger, dragon bronze Raylinth
  • Tirone- MasterHarper, Fort Harper Hall
  • T'lonneg - Rider of bronze Jalerth at Ista weyr
  • T'nure - rider at fort weyr, dragon green Tapeth
  • Tolocamp- Lord Holder of Fort Hold, first wife Pendra, remarried
  • Tonia - Healer at Igen Seahold
  • Trume - Masterheardsman at high reaches hold
  • Tuero- Journeyman Harper, Ruatha Hold
  • V'mal - rider at High Reaches Weyr, dragon brown Koth
  • V'mul - rider of brown Tellath at Benden Weyr
  • Wimmia - weyrwoman of Ista Weyr, rider of gold Torenth

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