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  4. SR(Ch. 2-3,9-10,13-14,16,18,27-33,40-45,53,56)
  5. KOD(Prologue)


  1. Half a head shorter than Rand
  2. Curly hair
  3. Arms and shoulders thick enough to rival Master Luhhan's
  4. Yellow eyes(after EOTW 23)


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  5. FOH(Ch. 3,9)


  1. Apprentice to Haral Luhhan
  2. Grew up in Emond's Field
  3. Learns how to hear wolves(EOTW 23)
  4. Enhanced vision, hearing and smell(after his eyes change colour)
  5. ta'veren
  6. Called "Young Bull" by the wolves
  7. In love with Faile(by SR 2)


At the beginning of The Eye of The World, Perrin is apprenticed to the blacksmith Haral Luhhan in Emond's Field. He has seen a black rider, just as Mat and Perrin have, and has spoken to Moiraine. Moiraine convinces him to leave Emond's Field with Rand and Mat, and he brings along an axe that he had been secretly practicing with. He accompanies the party as they ride north towards Taren Ferry.

At the beginning of The Dragon Reborn, Uno is in the Mountains of Mist with Rand and the others.

At the beginning of Knife of Dreams, Perrin is camped a few days' ride away from the Shaido encampment.

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