Born c. 2LI394?
c. 2451 AL?
Dragon Bronze Hath
Impressed 2LI406
2463 AL
Original Name Rangul
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Benden
First Appearance (Publication Order) Dragonflight
First Appearance (Chronological Order) The MasterHarper of Pern

R'gul is a wingleader at Benden Weyr, and was the former Weyrleader until F'lar's Mnementh flew Lessa's Ramoth in the first year of the Ninth Pass.

R'gul was an unfortunate choice of Weyrleader, succeeding F'lon upon the latter's death in a duel. R'gul followed a policy of "not bothering" the Holds, resulting in the Weyr losing even more prestige, and shrinking.

R'gul's maternal grandfather had been a Weyrleader as well, according to Dragonflight Part 3, Chapter 1. His name is not given, however.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Weyrleader of Benden
2492-2507 AL
Succeeded by: