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  1. Exceptionally tall, broad-shouldered
  2. Grey eyes and reddish-tinged hair
  3. Herons branded on his palms, and dragons tattooed on his forearms


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  1. Adoptive son of Tam al'Thor
  2. Grew up in Emond's Field, in the Two Rivers in Andor
  3. Found on the slopes of Dragonmount in the Aiel War and brought home by Tam al'Thor
  4. ta'veren
  5. Can channel saidin
  6. Called "Shadowkiller" by the wolves
  7. Son of an Aiel Maiden of the Spear
  8. Car'a'carn of the Aiel(SR 34)
  9. Coramoor of the Sea Folk
  10. The Dragon Reborn


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Rand's location is not known to the White Tower, but Elaida accepts that he is the Dragon Reborn and orders all the Tower's resources directed toward finding him and bringing him to them.

Rand himself is in Rhuidean, meeting with Aiel clan chiefs to see who will support him as Car'a'carn. He intends to lead the Aiel across the Spine of The World to end all the other conflicts. He is spending much of his time in Rhuidean practicing combat with either Lan or Rhuarc. Asmodean, in the guise of Jasin Natael, is teaching him about saidin.

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