Born 2LI370's??
2430's AL??
Profession Woodsman
First Appearance The MasterHarper of Pern

Rantou was cousin to Merelan and grandfather to Sebell. Rantou was an uneducated woodsman with a natural musical talent, able to learn complicated tunes after just one hearing, and possessed of a natural gift for making instruments. Though he himself never wished to go to the Harper Hall, he did send his grandson, Sebell, there.

Rantou sought an education from Petiron, along with his wife Carral, after she became pregnant, because "I gotta learn so the baby won't have no stupid for a father".

Petiron was outraged that Rantou was "wasting" his life as a woodsman, risking his fingers every day, rather than seeking a life as a Harper.

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