1. COS(Prologue)
  2. COT(Prologue)
  3. KOD(Prologue)


  1. Gray-haired man, very gaunt face
  2. Long-fingered hands


  1. High Inquisitor, highest rank of Whitecloak Questioner


In the prologue of A Crown of Swords, Asunawa stops Eamon Valda from finishing off Pedron Niall after Abdel Omerna's fatal wound.

At the beginning of Crossroads of Twilight, Asunawa is with Eamon Valda and the remnants of the Whitecloaks in Amadicia.

At the beginning of Knife of Dreams, Asunawa is in Amadicia with Eamon Valda at his headquarters. He tries to have Galad arrested for his accusation against Eamon Valda, but the other Whitecloaks present will not allow the Questioners to take him. He and his Questioners are gone by the time Galad has defeated Valda.