The Riddle House is a large house on a hill overlooking the village of Little Hangleton. It was owned by the Riddle family until the inhabitants, Tom Riddle, Sr. and his parents, were all found dead, fifty years before the opening of Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. Under Riddle ownership, it was an impressive manor house; after their deaths, it passed into the ownership of other families who didn't stay long, though the gardener Frank Bryce, who had served the Riddles, kept his cottage on the grounds. The house fell into disrepair, and eventually came into the possession of a wealthy man who lived elsewhere. The youth of Little Hangleton treated it like the local haunted house, daring each other to break in.

The back door of the house is now almost completely covered with ivy. The empty kitchen is cavernous, and mullioned windows flank the front door. Stone stairs lead to the upper storey.