Born 2LI395
2452 AL
Died 9P17
2524 AL
Highest Rank MasterHarper of Pern
First Appearance (Publication Order) Dragonflight
First Appearance (Chronological Order) The MasterHarper of Pern

MasterHarper Robinton was the only son of Mastercomposer Petiron and Mastersinger Merelan. He was named after Merelan's father Roblyn.

Robinton was a child prodigy, composing variations at the age of three, and composing actual songs at the age of five. By the age of 10, he'd already had numerous songs published, though not under his name. He became an Apprentice at 12, and a Journeyman at 15.

Around the Turn 415 of the Second Long Interval, he married Kasia. They were married for little more than a Sevenday, when she died from pneumonia acquired during a storm on their honeymoon.

By 418? he had become a Master.

In 427 he became MasterHarper at the age of just thirty-one.

When Thread returned at the start of the Ninth Pass, Robinton played a critical role in organizing the Holds and Crafts to obey the Weyr.

After the discovery of the AIVAS, Robinton again played an important role in getting it accepted by Pernese culture, or at least, by most of it.

He retired in the 15th Turn of the Ninth Pass (2524 AL) for health reasons, and died two years later as a result of a kidnapping plot by a radical anti-AIVAS faction.

Robinton had a crush on Weyrwoman Lessa, although he never allowed it to interfere with his professional conduct. He always maintained that his true love was Benden wine.

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