Concordances and Characters
Ruatha Hold
Founded 1P11 (19 AL)
Weyr Fort
Current Lord Holder Jaxom
Etymology of Name Rua Atha
(Irish for "Red's Ford")

Ruatha is the second oldest Hold on Pern, after Fort. It was founded by Red Hanrahan. The name is derived from the Irish phrase Rua Atha, meaning "Red's Ford". In Irish, it should be "Ruaha". However, according to The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, it is pronounced with a th sound.

It has long been known for being the source of fine Runnerbeast lines. Many Weyrwomen have come from Ruatha's ruling bloodline, perhaps due to the fact that Red and Mairi Hanrahan, parents of Sorka, were the originators.

Ruatha was the last Hold to be conquered by Fax, in 2LI438 (2495 AL), and was the most troublesome of his conquests, due, though he did not know it at the time, to the influence of Lessa, daughter of Kale, last Lord of Ruatha. Lessa was aiming at undermining his rule.