Sean Connell
Born 27 Before Landing*
Died 1P42 (50 AL)
Dragon Bronze Carenath
Impressed 1P2
10 AL
Highest Rank Weyrleader of Fort
First Appearance Dragonsdawn
*15 of those years spent in suspended animation

Sean Connell was the first Weyrleader of Fort Weyr, and, with Sorka Hanrahan (later Connell), co-discoverer of the fire-lizards. His weyrmate was Sorka. They had several children, among them, M'hall, first Weyrleader of Benden.

Sean and Sorka lead the first Dragonriders.

His family were Irish Traveling Folks. The Connell Family survived the First Fall and subsequent Falls by taking refuge in a series of caves and through the leadership of Sean's father, Porig. Normally a taciturn fellow, and normally mistrustful of most of the colonists (as most Traveling Folk from Earth and First Centauri were), Porig, nonetheless, offered refuge in his caves to many colonists during the first year of the Pass. The fate of the Connell family is unknown after colonists relocated from Landing to Fort Hold during the eruption of Mount Garben.

Sean Connell continued to lead Fort Weyr and fight Thread until the year 1P42 (50 AL), when, at the age of 62, he was caught by a clump of Thread. He and Carenath went between, and never returned.

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Weyrleader of Fort
10-50 AL
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