The Second Long Interval covered the Turns 2058-2508 AL, occurring between the Eighth Pass and the Present Pass.

The Second Long Interval was characterized by a drastic decline in the standing of Benden Weyr, the sole remaing Weyr. The other Weyrs had been mysteriously abandoned, and many believed that Thread would never again return. Little is known of this period except for the end of it. There is no information about what happened around the 200th Turn, when Thread would've normally been expected to return.

In the last Turns of the Interval, Fax arose to conquer his neighbors, establishing an empire of sorts. The tithes that supported the Weyr declined, until eventually only three loyal Holds continued to give tithes, and those of low-quality goods. The Weyr isolated itself from the rest of Pern, and followed a policy of "not bothering" the Holds. The sole queen, Nemorth, rarely rose to mate, and when she did, she laid small clutches. The Dragon population slowly declined.

This decline was partially reversed by the actions of Lessa and F'lar, and completely reversed by the start of the Ninth Pass.

Novels taking place during the Second Long Interval

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