Seekers, among the Seanchan, are an elite force of information-gatherers, by means of torture as well as less bloody means. Like the Deathwatch, they are tattooed with a Raven identifying them as the property of the Empress. However, since their sole occupation involves varying degrees of stealth, subterfuge, and infiltration, they differ from the Deathwatch in that they go to great lengths to obscure these markings while in the field. Since they are solely owned by the Empress, violence against a Seeker of Truth is punishable by execution, regardless of station within the hierarchy of the Empire. Their servitude to the Crystal Throne also gives them the authority to question and apprehend any that they would deem as a potential threat, be it a criminal, Darkfriend, or otherwise. They generally carry plaques of ivory to denote their purpose, should they deem it acceptable to make their station known for the purpose of arrests, interrogations, or simple questioning of those who would be hesitant to speak. While they are granted a seemingly unconditional diplomatic immunity within the Empress' command, when questioning those of the Seanchan Noble caste (those of the Blood), it is imperative that they do not draw blood. Because of this, they have developed scrupulous, efficient, and utterly excruciating methods of interrogation that--while non-lethal--have led many detainees to attempt suicide before reaching the Tower of Ravens, the Imperial headquarters of the Seekers themselves. Those of the Blood who are found guilty of and sentenced for Capital Crimes are bloodlessly executed, that is, placed in bags of silk and hung from atop the Tower until their remains rot along with the bag itself, leaving nothing more than dust and bones. Also of note, Sei'taer and Sei'mosiev apply on a much lesser scale to a Seeker of Truth, save for when within the presence of the Empress herself.