1. COS(Prologue)


  1. Green eyes


  1. KOD(Prologue)


  1. Aielwoman, of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Aiel
  2. Widow of Suladric and Couladin
  3. Acting clan chief of the Shaido, and de facto Wise One


At the beginning of A Crown of Swords, Sevanna is at Dumai's Wells, ready to attack the Aes Sedai who have Rand al'Thor captive. She arranged Desaine's death with a group of Wise Ones and blamed it on Aes Sedai to help motivate the Shaido warriors with her. She convinces the Shaido, and even the Wise Ones, to attack the Aes Sedai to try to avenge Desaine and retrieve Rand.

At the beginning of Knife of Dreams, Sevanna is in the main Shaido encampment.

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