Sha'rah is an ancient game, dating back to long before the War of Power. In the Third Age, only nine people living remember it. The board contains black and white squares and a green-and-red goal-row surrounding it, and a number of pieces, thirty-three each of red and green, with differing abilities.

The most important piece in the game is the Fisher, which is black-and-white and starts on the central square. It is always worked as a man, a bandage blinding his eyes and a wound in his side. It has differing abilities depending on which colour square it is on--on white it is weak but agile, on black it is strong but ponderous--and it also changes possession during the course of the game. There are three ways to win--by moving the Fisher into a square of one's own colour in the enemy's goal row; by forcing your opponent to move the Fisher onto a square of one's own colour, anywhere in the goal row; or by completely annihilating your enemy's pieces.