1. FOH(Prologue)


  1. Slightly plump woman


  1. FOH(Ch. 9)


  1. Aes Sedai, Yellow Ajah
  2. Elaida's Tower
  3. Never managed the outward calm of Aes Sedai


When introduced, Shemerin is one of the inner circle who brought Elaida to power. She is severely unsettled when Elaida instructs them to look at the picture of Rand, and Elaida makes a mental note to make an example of her. In the World of Dreams, Egwene and Sheriam find out that she has been demoted to Accepted as an example of Elaida's power. She fled the Tower and escaped to the rebel Aes Sedai camp besieging Tar Valon where she is discovered by Gawyn Trakand and Gareth Bryne hiding among the camp followers.