The Sixth Pass covered the Turns 1508-1558 AL, and is most notable for the Plague in the 43rd Turn of the pass (1550 AL). By this time, Pern had entered a long period of stability. There was talk of attempting a recolonization of the Southern Continent after the end of the Pass, and a group of sailors illegally began exploring it. They found a wild feline, which they captured to show off. Unfortunately, this feline carried with it a strain of influenza, which quickly spread across Pern's vulnerable population, wiping out many minor holds, and greatly reducing the population of the Major Holds. It was only through the co-operation of the Healers and the Weyrs, lead by Moreta, Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, that the plague's devestation was kept from being worse.

There was also talk of establishing a seventh weyr during the following Interval, but the deaths from the Plague put an end to this talk

Novels that take place during the Sixth Pass (specifically during the Plague)

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