Sorka Connell
Born 25 years Before Landing*
Died 1P50
58 AL
Dragon Gold Faranth
Impressed 1P3
10 AL
Original Name Sorka Hanrahan
Fire-lizard Bronze Duke
Highest Rank Weyrwoman of Fort
First Appearance Dragonsdawn
*15 of those years spent in suspended animation

Sorka Connell was the first Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, and co-discoverer of the fire-lizards, whom she called "dragonets". When Thread began falling, she was around 16, and at the age of 18, Impressed Faranth, from the first Hatching. Her Weyrmate was Sean Connel.

Sorka and Sean lead the first 18 Dragonriders, and upon the official establishment of the Weyr, became Weyrleader and Weyrwoman (though the terms did not exist at the time).

She was the daughter of Red and Mairi Hanrahan, founders of Ruatha Hold. She was also the mother of M'hall, first Weyrleader of Benden Weyr, among other children.

Appearances Edit

Preceded by:
Weyrwoman of Fort
10-50 AL
Succeeded by: