Southern Weyr
Founded 2LI441 (2498 AL)
Order 7th
Holds Southern Hold
Current Weyrleader K'van
Current Weyrwoman Adrea
Etymology of name Location on Southern Continent

Southern Weyr was the first Weyr to be established in modern times. It has an unusual and convuluted history. The decision to establish what would become Southern Weyr was made in the first Turn of the Ninth Pass (2508 AL). However, the actual founding of the Weyr was made in the Turn 2LI441 (2498 AL), ten Turns previously. This was due to the use of "timing it". A small breeding colony was established with the intent of replenishing the miniscule dragon population. Though the project proved a failure, and unnecessary besides after Lessa's Ride, it was decided to retain the Weyr, in the present day, as a place for injured dragons to recuperate. In this capacity, Kylara and T'bor continued to rule it, as they had during the breeding colony attempt.

In 9P8 (2515 AL), the Weyr was transformed into a place of exile for the discontented Oldtimers, and most of Southern was transferred to High Reaches Weyr. Its new Weyrleader became T'kul, formerly of High Reaches, and its new Weyrwoman became Mardra, formerly of Fort.

Later, after T'kul and other bronzeriders attempted to steal a queen egg from Ramoth, D'ram, the retired Weyrleader of Ista took over, until the Oldtimers had mostly died off, when the present leadership took over.