Stilling is the act of severing a woman who can channel from the True Source, so that she can no longer channel saidar, though she can sense it. In the Age of Legends, it was called severing.

Most woman who are stilled waste away and die unless they can find another purpose in their life. In the Third Age, it is widely considered impossible to Heal stilling, but Nynaeve al'Meara and Damer Flinn have discovered how to Heal it. Women don't seem to regain their full strength with the One Power unless healed by a man, and vice versa. An Aes Sedai who is stilled loses her ageless look, and may even regain her youth.

Stilling can also happen by accident, by drawing too much saidar or experimenting with unknown ter'angreal. In such cases it is usually known as burning out.

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