Talax Sector names the star system that includes the planet Talax and its moon Rinax.


Talax was a planet that orbited the Talaxian sun in the Talax Sector. much is known about it due to Nelix telling his many stories.


Rinax was a terrestrial moon in orbit around the planet named Talax in Star Trek lore and also located in the Talax Sector. It was one of the most pleasant locations in the system. A once-famous region on Rinax was the Rinax marshlands, known for the hottest climate of any world meaning moon or planet in the entire Talax Sector. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

In 2356, the metreon cascade, a destructive weapon, was deployed on Rinax by the Haakonian Order. The cascade wrecked the moon's ecosystem, resulting in an endless frigid winter and the deaths of approximately 300,000 Talaxians. (VOY: "Jetrel", "Friendship One")


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