1. EOTW(Ch. 1-9)


  1. Thick chest
  2. Broad face, with lined, sun-roughened cheeks
  3. Hair mostly gray with a sprinkling of black


  1. EOTW(Ch. 11)


  1. Adoptive father of Rand al'Thor
  2. Widower


At the beginning of The Eye of The World, Tam is a farmer in the Westwood in the Two Rivers, bringing brandy and cider into Emond's Field for Bel Tine. As a member of the Village Council, he questions Padan Fain on his arrival about his news of war in Ghealdan, and decides to take Rand home to their farm for Winternight. He retrieves his Heron-mark Blade; the farm is attacked by Trollocs, and he fights a few off before escaping with Rand into the Westwood, but he is wounded and feverish. Delirious, he babbles about the Aiel War, and finding a baby on the slopes of a mountain. He has gone quiet by the time Rand brings him to Emond's Field. In EOTW 8, Moiraine Heals him, but she says he may not wake before Rand has to leave Emond's Field.

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