Ter'angreal are objects made with the One Power in the Age of Legends, for a variety of uses. In the Third Age, the purposes of most of them, and the secret of their manufacture, have been lost. The Aes Sedai investigate with great care, because some of them can result in being "burned out", or accidentally stilled.

The largest caches of ter'angreal in the world were in the White Tower, in the Stone of Tear, and in Rhuidean.

Known ter'angreal include:

  • A small forest of tall glass columns in Rhuidean. The Aiel candidates for clan chief entered it, and were shown the history of their race from the Age of Legends to the founding of Rhuidean. Not all of them survived. If they did, they emerged with a Dragon tattoo on one of their arms.
  • A twisted redstone doorway, whose corners don't meet properly. It is a gateway into the realm of mysterious fox-like beings who will grant three wishes, for a price. It was originally in Rhuidean, but Moiraine Damodred took it out of the city in the wagons of Hadnan Kadere.
  • A silver foxhead amulet, eyes in the form of the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai, worn by Matrim Cauthon. It protects the wearer against saidar, even in the form of Healing.
  • Two small figures, a foot tall, of a man and a woman, each wearing glowing robes and holding a crystal globe in one hand. They link to the gigantic sa'angreal, the Choeden Kal, allowing the holder to use the sa'angreal as if he were touching the huge statue.
  • Three dull gray metal rings, each more than two paces across, standing on edge and joined in the middle, in the plaza of Rhuidean. Aiel women who wish to become Wise Ones must enter one of the rings--it does not matter which, and it is unknown if they are any different. They live through their lives again and again, taking many alternate paths. Some do not return.
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