So apparently there's no article here. How helpful. Let me write one. Terrier is about the police force in the city of Corus, pre-Alanna by about 200 years. They're called Dogs. If some of these names are throwing you off, you should really read the books, or at least some more informative sites. The main character is a sixteen-year-old girl named Rebakah Cooper, George Cooper's great-ancestor, who is getting trained as a Dog and thus called a Puppy. She must discover two things: why a larger-than-normal number of adults are disappearing from Corus and what it was to do with mysterious gems, AND who is the strange Shadow Snake who snatches kids from their beds and kills them? Along to help her are many good friends: her Dog trainers, Mattes Tunstall and Clary Goodwin; Ersken, her fellow Puppy; Sabine, a female knight; Aniki, a Scanran swordswoman; Kora, a female mage with an obervant eye; and Rosto, the rogueish but lovable theif and knife-master. There's also a purple-eyed cat named Pounce. Familiar to any Alanna fans? If this summary is lacking in any way, I can suggest a better source. It's called Terrier, and it's the novel itself. Go read it.