1. FOH(Prologue)
  2. POD(Ch. 1)


  1. Bony fingers
  2. Narrow shoulders
  3. Sharp-faced, gaunt cheeks and a narrow nose
  4. Strong Illianer accent
  5. Dark brown eyes


  1. COS(Prologue)


  1. Aes Sedai, Red Ajah
  2. Elaida's Tower
  3. Sitter for fifteen years before being sent to Ebou Dar


At the beginning of The Fires of Heaven, Teslyn is one of Elaida's inner circle. She reports that Davram Bashere is leading an army out of Saldaea.

At the beginning of A Crown of Swords, Teslyn has been forced to resign as Sitter and sent by Elaida to Ebou Dar.

In POD 1, Teslyn is in Ebou Dar with Joline Maza. When she encounters Nynaeve, Elayne and the others, she says that she has decided not to tell Elaida what they are doing, but warns them to be careful. Elayne upbraids her for her condescension as well as supporting Elaida as Amyrlin. Nynaeve tries to warn her about Moghedien and the gholam, but Teslyn dismisses it as fantasy.

At the beginning of Winter's Heart, Teslyn has been captured by the SeanChen and made a Damane.

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