The Chronicles of Pern:
First Fall
Published 1993
Publication Order 12th (excluding short stories)
13th (including short stories)
Events 200 Before Landing, 1P3, 12, 21, 1I3?
200 Before Landing, 10, 19, 28, 61 AL

The Chronicles of Pern is a set of five short stories set in Pern's early history.

  • The Survey: P.E.R.N.(c)
    • Tells of the original EEC (Exploration and Evaluation Corps) investigation of Pern, and how the planet got its name (Planet Earthlike, Resources Negligible), takes place approximately 200 years before Landing
  • The Dolphins' Bell
  • The Ford of Red Hanrahan
    • Tells of the founding of Ruatha, takes place in 1P12 (19 AL)
  • The Second Weyr
    • Tells of the founding of Benden Weyr, takes place in 1P21 (28 AL)
  • Rescue Run
    • Tells of the rescue of a small group of people in the Southern Continent, believed to be all that was left of Pern, takes place somewhere around the beginning of the First Interval (~ 61 AL)