Prologue The Dragon Reborn Chapter 2


Dark one


Perrin is sitting on his horse Stepper on a cold day in the Mountains of Mist. He and five of the Shienarans--including Uno, Masema, and Ragan--are standing watch in a thicket. He is trying to ignore his wolf-senses as much as possible, but there is a tickling that makes him wonder if there is something unpleasant nearby. He resist the urge to reach out to nearby wolves and ask them.

His superior eyesight makes him the first to pick out the woman riding towards them. Just as he is about to announce her, Masema spots a raven. Perrin and two others loose arrows, and his strikes it down. Perrin asks if the Dark One sees what the raven sees, but Ragan says that it has to report to a Myrddraal first. Ragan admires Perrin's bow, and he and Masema argue its merits until Uno shushes them.

Uno asks Perrin if he can see anything, and Perrin points out the approaching woman. As he sees her bright clothing, he realizes that she is one of the Tuatha'an. Many women have come into the mountains over the past while seeking Moiraine, rich and poor, from various countries. Perrin notes that the woman will pass by their thicket without seeing them, so they move forward into the open. She halts as they encircle her. Perrin greets her courteously and asks if she needs help. She introduces herself as Leya and says she is seeking a woman named Moiraine. Perrin asks how she found them, and, like all the other women who have come, she says she just seemed to know the way.

Perrin leads her up the mountain, the Shienarans following behind. Leya eyes Perrin and his equipment, and eventually Perrin says that it is odd to see one of the Tuatha'an. They argue about whether or not it is possible to oppose evil without doing harm, and her passivity angers Perrin, but she observes that his weapons do not make him happy. Perrin breaks off the conversation and rides ahead.

They pass through a valley and past two ancient carved figures on the side of a mountain. They pass unseen watchers who pass along birdcall signals, before reaching a bowl-shaped valley. There are a few figures visible, mostly Shienarans, though a woman and an Ogier can also be seen. Half-hidden in the trees are log huts. The wind blows the dragon banner, and Perrin welcomes Leya to the camp of the Dragon Reborn.

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  1. The tickling that Perrin notices is likely the Trollocs who attack in DR 5.
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