Chapter 10 The Eye of The World Chapter 12

The Road To Taren FerryEdit

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The horses gallop along the North Road, Lan and Moiraine in front and Rand in the rear, just behind Thom Merrilin. Cloud keeps wanting to race with Lan's horse, but Rand holds him back. Worried about Bela's ability to keep up, and whether Moiraine would consider Egwene worth going back for, Rand exhorts her with all his heart to run, and she does.

They reach Watch Hill before Rand realizes it, and stop to rest. Their Bel Tine celebration is still going on, and Thom, Mat and Perrin urge a rest stop. Lan says that they cannot stop, and Moiraine is moving among the horses, doing something to banish their fatigue. She notes that Bela is perhaps the least tired of all the horses.

The Draghkar swoops low over them with a fearsome scream, panicking Cloud, who runs off with Rand still holding his reins. Rand manages to keep his hold until Cloud halts his headlong rush, and looks back to see that the rest of the horses had also panicked, except for Lan and Moiraine's. Watch Hill's celebrations stop for a moment, as they too have heard the scream.

Lan says that the Draghkar must already have told its master about them, so they could spare no more time to rest. Rand realizes he's standing there with his sword out, searching the sky for the Draghkar, and leaps onto Cloud's back, once again trailing the party. They ride closer together this time, the Draghkar's cries following them, and Rand is surprised to see Egwene exulting in Bela's uncanny speed. Moiraine says that she cannot attack the thing from horseback, when she cannot even see it. Instead, she summons a fog to cover their path. Lan says that there is still only one possible destination, but Moiraine says she is trying to use the Myrddraal's cleverness against it.

They race on and on through the fog, the Draghkar's cries falling behind, for what seems like hours. Lan suddenly calls at them to halt, and Cloud races past them before Rand can rein him in. They are in Taren Ferry. Lan and Moiraine lead them to the house of Master Hightower, the ferryman. The ferryman says the ferry never crosses at night, but Lan gives him enough gold to change his mind, and he goes to rouse his haulers.

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  1. Rand's mental urging of Bela is actually his first, involuntary channeling.
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