Chapter 5 The Eye of The World Chapter 7

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Heron Mark


Rand examines Tam's wounds, which is barely a scratch, not nearly bad enough to account for the fever. He binds the wound and then constructs a makeshift travois. He puts his father on it, wearing the sword and scabbard himself.

He heads first for the Quarry Road, knowing that without it he will likely get lost before reaching Emond's Field. He stops short of the road and follows beside it in the trees, not wanting to risk being exposed on the road itself. He begins to get tired and hungry as he pulls the litter through the woods.

Suddenly Tam begins talking, about King Laman and invaders over the Dragonwall. Rand covers Tam's mouth with his hand, as he hears sounds on the road. Soon he sees a rider coming west, followed by larger figures. He recognizes the rider as the one he saw before, and the figures following as Trollocs, twenty in all. Just when Rand is beginning to relax, the rider returns alone. It searches along the side of the road, pauses opposite Rand, then finally moves on. Rand watches it move east, until suddenly it turns around and gallops towards the Mountains of Mist.

Finally Rand starts moving again, picturing the festivities of Winternight in Emond's Field. Tam begins talking louder again, this time of Avendesora and Avendoraldera. Then he begins talking of walking along the slope of a mountain, and finding a woman there, one of the enemy warriors, who'd given birth to a child just before she died. He says that he couldn't leave it on the mountainside, so he brought it home to his wife. Rand is jolted by the revelation, much as he would like to consider it a mere fever-dream.

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