The Eye of The World Chapter 1


Wheel of Time


Lews Therin Telamon wanders in his madness through a palace full of destruction and dead bodies, looking for Ilyena, who lies among the dead. Another man appears through a gateway, and approaches Lews Therin, saying, "I have come for you." Lews Therin doesn't know him, and the newcomer realizes the taint has driven him mad.

The newcomer identifies himself as Elan Morin Tedronai, and Lews Therin recognizes him as "Betrayer of Hope". Tedronai says that after today people will call Lews Therin "Kinslayer" as well as Dragon. He says scornfully that Lews Therin was once first among the Servants, among other things, but that now Tedronai is greater than him, and he won't let Lews Therin die without realizing that. He uses a form of Healing on Lews Therin, who screams in agony.

After recovering from the pain, Lews Therin comes to himself, sees Ilyena's body, and is consumed with sorrow. Tedronai says that the Great Lord of The Dark can bring her back, and Lews Therin turns to him with murderous intent. He says he will have revenge for Ilyena's death, but Tedronai asks him to cast his mind back, to remember the Dark One's counterstroke against saidin. Tedronai says that the Hundred Companions are tearing the world apart, and more men join them every day. He tells Lews Therin to remember who it was who killed all of his friends and family.

Lews Therin remembers the deeds, and howls in torment as he looks around and sees the evidence. Unable to bear it, he Travels to a flat, empty land beside a river. He can feel the taint on saidin, and cries out for forgiveness as he channels more and more. A bolt of fire comes down from the sky, burning through Lews Therin and the earth below him, sending lava spouting upwards to form a mountain. The river has been redirected in an arc around the mountain, with an island in its middle. Tedronai appears on the island, vowing that it is not yet over between him and the Dragon.

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