The Face In The Abyss is a 1931 novel by A. Merritt.


  • Adana--the Snake Mother, woman-snake hybrid
  • Bural--Yu-Atlanchi noble, ally of Lantlu
  • Cadok--secret foe of Lantlu and ally of Huon, slain by Nimir's Shadow
  • Dancret--French adventurer
  • Dorina--Yu-Atlanchi woman, near-twin of Suarra, but only a remote relative
  • Huon--lord of Yu-Atlanchi, fugitive
  • Kon--Weaver
  • Lantlu--evil lord of Yu-Atlanchi
  • Nicholas Graydon--American adventurer
  • Nimir--evil lord of Yu-Atlanchi, imprisoned in stone
  • Notalu--Yu-Atlanchi, ally of Regor
  • Ranena--Yu-Atlanchi noble, ally of Lantlu
  • Regor--called Black Regor, Yu-Atlanchi hero
  • Soames--American adventurer
  • William Starrett--American adventurer, from the West Coast
  • Suarra--princess of Yu-Atlanchi
  • Tyddo--Lord of Folly, last of the Lords


  • Door of Death--means of ending immortality
  • Door of Life--means of reproducing, but must be accompanied by the Door of Death
  • Dream Maker--one of the Yu-Atlanchi dwellers in dreams
  • Emer--Yu-Atlanchi term for the Aymara tribe
  • The Face In The Abyss--face of Nimir, evil being transformed into stone
  • Ladnophaxi--Feast of the Dream-Makers
  • Messengers--Invisible flying snakes, servants of the Snake Mother
  • Urd--Lizard-men
  • Weavers--Spider-like humans
  • Xinli--Domesticated descendants of dinosaurs
  • Yu-Atlanchi--ancient hidden city in the Andes