Chapter 3 The Fires of Heaven Chapter 5




Rand and his escort of Maidens go to the Maidens' Roof in Rhuidean. Only Maidens of The Spear are allowed within, or their gai'shain, but Rand is a special case, having been essentially adopted by the society. He ascends to his room in a high floor of the building, where the Maidens leave him blessedly alone. He had chosen the building first, originally, and discovered that the Maidens moved in and made it their Roof.

Rand had not intended to tell Moiraine about his plans yet, and is annoyed that she winkled them out of him. He thinks of Asmodean, and wonders if there is another way to be shielded from the taint besides swearing to the Dark One.

Aviendha comes into his room, the first time Rand has seen her in ten days. She says the Wise Ones are not please that Rand has locked them out of his dreams, and she is ashamed that he figured out they were spying on him because of her. She gives him a dragon-carved belt buckle, to offset the bracelet he gave her earlier. Rand thanks her, but she says that when she gave up the spears, she had to melt down her weapons and make them into gifts for the men and women she hated most. She says she hates him with all of her heart. Rand says he will ask the Wise Ones to send someone else to teach him, but Aviendha refuses, citing her duty to Elayne.

Rand is denying that there is anything between him and Elayne when Isendre walks into the room with wine, wearing jewelry and diaphanous scarves and little else. Her face pales when she sees Aviendha, who makes her admit that nobody sent her for the wine. Rand tries to mitigate Aviendha's anger, but she admonishes him for interfering in the course of justice. Rand is reluctant to interfere further, because if Isendre is exposed as a Darkfriend, then Asmodean might be in danger of exposure as well.

After Aviendha sends Isendre away, she berates Rand for thinking of luring Isendre to his bed. Rand tries to persuade her that he would never consider Isendre, but Aviendha says that she has tried seven times to sneak into Rand's bed. After Aviendha leaves, Rand crawls fully clothed into his blankets and sets Spirit wards on his dreams.

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