Chapter 7 The Fires of Heaven Chapter 9

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Nynaeve, Elayne and Thom Merrilin are riding in a wagon, with Juilin Sandar on a horse beside them. Nynaeve looks back at the furious dust storm behind them, which she summoned up to drive off the bandits who had been chasing them. They have a cargo of jewels, given to them by Amathera, beneath the wagon seat. Nynaeve wishes they could have left Tanchico by ship, but leaving overland was better for evading the Black Ajah, and most ships were stuffed with refugees in any case.

Elayne is pressed tightly against Thom, who is driving the wagon. Nynaeve tells Thom to slow down, just before they see a column of armed men in white cloaks. Thom pulls the wagon over, and the troop's lieutenant comes over to speak with them. Nynaeve pretends to be grateful for their presence, and mentions the narrow escape from bandits. The Whitecloak is suspicious of them, since few merchants have made it out of Tarabon. Nynaeve says they are carrying dyes, and the Whitecloaks don't open the wax-sealed barrels to check.

The lieutenant asks them about Tanchico, and whether Andric was still on the throne. Nynaeve answers his questions, though he is suspicious and mentions rumours of Aes Sedai as well. Nynaeve asks if they have crossed the border, and the lieutenant says it is five miles further. Elayne asks coolly if the troops have come to move the border, and Nynaeve has to cover up for her behaviour. The Whitecloak says that they are sending food to Tarabon to keep refugees from coming over the border, then rejoins his troop.

Thom gets the wagon moving again. Nynaeve and Elayne start arguing about the way each spoke to the Whitecloaks, until Thom admonishes them. They cross the border, marked by a stone pillar beside the road, and near the town of Mardecin. Nynaeve urges them to buy supplies and keep moving, but the others say that they need a rest, and even suggest staying at an inn. Nynaeve says that they can't afford an inn, and, still regretting that they didn't take a ship, says they will camp outside the town.

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  1. Elayne is all but cuddling with Thom Merrilin, visibly flirting with him.
  2. The Whitecloaks have sent troops across the border from Amadicia to Tarabon, ostensibly to bring the Taraboners food.
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