The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 2

Covers the Turns 2LI394-395 (2451-2452 AL)

Chapter 1 opens up with Robinton's birth. Robinton was a large baby, and Merelan lost a lot of blood giving birth to him. She survived the ordeal, but remained weak for some time. She caught a fever soon after Turnover, 395.

Merelan, Petiron, and Robinton travel to Pierie Hold, near Merelan's home, in Southern Boll to recuperate. Petiron was surprised to discover that he enjoyed the trip, learning a number of traditional songs in the area, some of them variations of songs used by the Harper Hall.

During the trip to Southern Boll, Merelan encounters some hill folks who hate Harpers, considering them "evil" and "liars", believing that even singing and dancing were wicked, because of their association with Harpers.

Characters Introduced Edit

Characters Appearing Edit

Characters Mentioned Edit

  • Creline (Former MasterHarper in 2LI1 (2058 AL))
  • Dalma - wife of Sev Ritecamp
  • Dugall - Husband of Segoina
  • Forist - Petiron's oldest brother
  • Grogellan
  • Mardy
  • Naylor
  • Roblyn (Merelan's late father)
  • Segoina - Merelan's aunt; sent her to the Harper Hall.
  • Sirrie (a nurse? healer?)