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Covers the Turn 2LI414 (2471 AL)

Robinton awakes at dawn, awoken by the sun. Robinton does not look forward to serving on the Gather Court in the morning. The espousal is scheduled for that afternoon. Others are getting espoused on the same day. No response had yet come from High Reaches to Melongel's invitation.

A message arrived that morning from the High Reaches. Faroguy would be unable to arrive. Suspiciously, the message contained no inquiries about Juvana, who was a friend to Lady Evelene, though normally messages did contain such inquiries, making Robinton even more suspicious that Faroguy was dead.

Robinton receives an espousal gift from Saday, the wife of Holder Tortole from the wall incident, a beautifully done wooden bowl.

During the Gather Court, a message arrives for Robinton that Kasia's parents had arrived. Robinton leaves to meet them. F'lon takes him to them. Robinton is quite nervous to meet her parents, but they prove quite pleasant, and glad to finally meet him, as well as happy about the Dragonride, particularly since they had not expected to be able to come.

The meeting with Kasia's parents goes well, and Robinton soon finds himself comfortable talking with them. Juvana remarks that she's "nearly your sister" to Robinton, surprising him, who hadn't even thought about the connection he'd now have to the Lord and Lady Holder.

Robinton and Kasia are the first of six couples getting espoused that day. Aterwards, F'lon insists, teasingly, that he had the right to kiss Kasia that day, to "show her what she was missing".

Robinton begins to suspect that F'lon was in love with someone, possibly Larna.

The next day at Dawn, they leave on their rented sloop for their honeymoon.

For three days, the weather was gorgeous. On the fourth day, it degenerated, and a terrible storm arose. They barely made it to a protected cove, and were both soaked to the bone.

Though Robinton soon recovered, Kasia did not.

Once the storm had passed, they began travelling down the coast (unfortunately, as it turned out, away from the nearest hold). Eventually they come across a search vessel, a schooner named the Wave Eater.

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  • Bourdon - Kasia's father
  • Brashia - Kasia's mother
  • Lissala - Wife of Idarolan, and 2nd mate

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