Chapter 13 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 15

Covers the Turns 2LI414-415 (2471-2472 AL)

When they return to the Hold, Clostan closely inspects both of them. Gostol apologizes for the length of time it took to rescue them.

Though Robinton quickly recovered, Kasia remained weak. Unfortunately, that winter proved exceptionally cold, and blizzards kept the fishing fleet in, though the Hold had quite plentiful stores. Fevers, however, spread througout the Hold, killing many. Kasia, still weak from the ordeal in the sloop, catches the fever. It grows worse.

Kasia dies.

She is buried at sea. Merelan sings the funeral dirge. Kasia had never seen the Sonata he'd written for her.

Robinton sinks into a deep depression. F'lon visits him. He learns that, at about the same time as Kasia died, L'tol lost his brown Larth. C'vrel had decided that firestone practice was needed. During their training, S'lel's Tuenth came out of between flaming, and got L'tol's Larth along his side. Though L'tol (now Lytol) survived, his dragon did not.

F'lon offers to put Robinton out of his mercy, by going between and dropping him. Robinton is initially tempted, but rejects it (presumably F'lon's intent). Lytol had been given the same offer and likewise rejected it. He decided to go back to High Reaches with his family.

Soon after, the weather improved. Proof of Faroguy's death came shortly afterwards. It was learned, too, that Farevene was dead, in a duel. Faroguy's other son, Bargen, was nowhere to be found, and Lady Evelene was reported to be grieving in her apartments.

Fax was now in control. Robinton foresaw that he would not be content with just the High Reaches, though Melongel dismissed the concern. The Lord Holders make no response.

The Harper Hall threatens to withdraw all Harpers from the High Reaches, though, given Fax's opinions of Harpers, isn't much of a threat.

Robinton tours the holds. Robinton hears from Chochol that Fax is said to have "six, seven spouses, all of 'em pregnant", but can't seem to get a son.

Lobirn and Lotricia manage to escape from the High Reaches that summer. Mallan was not so lucky. Instead, Fax sent him to the mines. A man from the Harper Hall (possibly Nip), had rescued Lobirn and Lotricia, and returned to try to rescue Mallan.

Robinton returns to the Hold, an excruciating experience given all the memories it dredged up. Melongel offers to send Robinton back to the Harper Hall, to get him away from all the memories in Tillek.

On his way back to the Harper Hall, he visits the families whom he had arbitrated for in the matter of the wall, and shows them how much he treasured Saday's bowl.

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