Chapter 15 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 17

Covers the Turns 2LI426-430 (2483-2487 AL)

Robinton settles into the position of MasterHarper, having been eased into it by his predecessor. He promotes Jerint to Master, taking over from frail Gorazde. F'lon is ecstatic over Robinton's promotion, and willingly transports him anywhere he wishes to go.

During the annual Conclave (to which Fax was never invited), Lord Holder Tesner of Igen refused to see why they "fussed so" about Fax, believing that Faroguy may have wanted Fax as his heir.

The following spring, Fax takes over Radharc, a minor Hold apparently beholden to Tillek, now styling himself "Lord of Three Holds". Melongel was ill, having been injured in an accident involving a runnerbeast, which is why he was unable to resist Fax's aggression. The runnerbeast had been poisoned, causing convulsions, most likely by someone working for Fax. Oterel succeeded his father.

Before the end of the Turn, Melongel passed away. Robinton visits to comfort Lady Juvana and her faily. Groghe, like Robinton, believes it was deliberate poisoning at Fax's instigation.

The next Turn (2LI429/2486 AL), Silvina becomes pregnant with Camo. Silvina turns down Robinton's offer of marriage.

Robinton once more attempts to convince Halanna, when she comes to sing at Turn's End, to return to the Harper Hall, offering her a mastery, which she turns down.

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