Chapter 17 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 19

Covers the Turns 2LI431-438 (2488-2495 AL)

Nip continues to spy in Fax's Holds. Robinton learns of numerous problems in Fax's holds, quiet rebellion. Gradually, his neighbors ease their guard. Tarathel passes away, of natural causes, and his son succeeds as Lord Holder at the age of 15. Vendross and Harper Falawny are chosen as his mentors. His elder half-sister Thella attemps to claim the position for herself, but is refused. The Turns pass uneventfully. C'gan was a frequent visitor to the Hall, and expressed his displeasure at R'gul's Weyrleadership. He becomes increasingly worried as Thread approaches and the Weyr is increasingly unprepared.

One night, Nip appears, warning Robinton that Fax is preparing something. He suddenly realizes what it is - Ruatha. They set off to warn Kale, but only arrive in time to witness the aftermath of the successful invasion.

Robinton alerts Groghe to Fax's invasion of Ruatha. Groghe is stunned.

Lords Oterel, Larad (with Vendross), Groghe, and Sangel, along with Robinton and some of his senior masters, march to Nabol to confront Fax over his usurpation of Ruatha. Nothing is accomplished.

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