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Covers the Turns 2LI396?-398 (2453-2455 AL)

Chapter 2 opens with Petiron working on a composition. He hums as he does so. Robinton, who had been napping in the next room, picks up the tune and begins humming it himself. Petiron is angered by this, and yells at Robinton not to do that again. Merelan, in turn, is angered at Petiron for doing that. Robinton had, even at that young age, been humming on-key, but Petiron failed to notice.

Later, Robinton (age 3) finds a small pipe, and begins experimenting with it. He quickly figures out how to work it by trial and error. Merelan is delighted at her son's musical talent, but concerned that, if Petiron were to find out, he'd push him too hard and cause him to lose his love for music. As a result, Merelan and others in the Harper Hall, all the way up to the MasterHarper, Gennel, conspire to keep Robinton's talent away from his father.

Merelan shows Washell Robinton's talent.

Robinton at this point has begun to compose simple variations on tunes.

Robinton begins learning his Teaching Ballads early on, and demonstrates to his father, who fails to notice just how talented he was.

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