Chapter 2 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 4

Covers the Turn 2LI398 (2455 AL)

Chapter 3 opens up with Halanna's arrival at the Harper Hall. Halanna was an extremely spoiled 17-Turn-old girl, who had a higher opinion of her singing abilities than were warranted.

She demanded special treatment, believing herself above the apprentice quarters. The harper at her hold, Maxilant, had sent her to the Harper Hall in the hope that they would be able to discipline her to use her voice properly.

Petiron was overjoyed at her arrival, excited by the possiblities of her voice.

Halanna refused to study the basics, or to moderate her voice. Merelan finally convinced Petiron to teach her personally. He was shocked at the lack of basic knowledge.

During an argument, Petiron slapped her, once. She then bribed a drummer to send a message to her home hold alleging "abuse" at the hands of the Harpers and asking to be brought home.

Halanna's father and brothers arrive. Gennel convinces Halibran to keep Halanna at the Harper Hall, subject to the usual discipline of an apprentice.

By Turnover, she had improved considerably, though she still had a long way to go.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Brahil (brother of Halanna)
  • Brosil (brother of Halanna)
  • Halanna
  • Halibran (father of Halanna)
  • Landon (brother of Halanna)
  • Isla - Cotholder at Harper Hall

Characters Appearing Edit

Characters Mentioned Edit

  • Maxilant - Harper at Halanna's hold
  • Neilla