Chapter 3 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 5

Covers the Turns 2LI398-399 (2455-2456 AL)

Chapter 4 opens up with the Turnover celebrations. Landon, Halanna's brother, was the only one of his family who was able to make it. He was quite impressed by the improvement in Halanna's behavior. Halanna was enjoying herself at the celebrations, dancing with several other young men, including Donkin, a nephew of Ruatha's Lord Holder.

Robinton had constructed his first drum at around Turnover time, with the help of Master Gorazde. He placed it near his father's workbench. Petiron saw it, but dismissed it as not up to standard, despite it being nearly so, and on a first effort by a child of 5 Turns.

In that year, Robinton composed his first simple Teaching Ballad for his friend Lexey. One which came to be used in classes.

In the spring of 2LI399, Robinton met Dragons for the first time. M'ridin and his Corath came to the Harper Hall to transport his parents to Nerat. Robinton spoke with Cortath, inadvertantly making the mistake of comparing Dragons to Watch-whers. Cortath enjoys the conversation with Robinton.

In the autumn, dragons arrived again on Search. Robinton again speaks to Dragons, Kilminth, whose rider was S'bran, and another dragon Calanuth (Rider's name unknown). He also talks to S'bran. Robinton wanted to know if it was possible to both a Harper and a Dragonrider, but got no answer, which made him believe that it wasn't possible.

Two boys were taken from the Hall, Rulyar (who became R'yar), a 2nd year apprentice from Nerat, and another, from Fort Hold who wasn't named. Robinton had a dream about Dragons trying to tell him something that he couldn't hear, and of seeing Rulyar on a brown dragon. A sevenday later, he learned that Rulyar had, in fact, Impressed a brown named Garanath. The boy from Fort impressed a green, which, according to his father, "was to be expected"

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