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Covers the Turn 2LI403 (2460 AL)

Chapter 5 opens up with Petiron searching for blank sheets of parchment in Merelan's desk. He accidentally discovers Robinton's compositions, and believes them to be Merelan's. He is stunned to discover that Robinton has been writing music, and assumes that Merelan must've been helping him. This leads to a big fight between Petiron and Merelan as she vents her built-up frustration over Petiron's failings as a father. Petiron fails to understand Merelan's anger.

He becomes angry as he realizes just how much had been kept from him about his son.

To his dismay, that very day, Merelan accepts an offered posting at Benden Hold. They leave that very day. Robinton was surprised at the suddenness of this move, and a little concerned about the strain between his parents.

Gennel informs Petiron that Merelan was leaving for Benden. Petiron announces his intention to take his son as apprentice when he reaches twelve.

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