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Covers the Turn 2LI403 (2460 AL)

Chapter 6 opens up with Robinton and Merelan preparing to leave Harper Hall for Benden Hold. This was Robinton's first ride on a dragon. They were transported by C'rob, rider of Spakinth. Lord Maidir and Lady Hayara greet Mereland and Robinton when they arrive.

Merelan is given the task of teaching Maizella, Maidir's eldest daughter, to sing.

Robinton meets Falloner, becoming fast friends. Falloner states his confidence that he will become a Weyrleader some day and save Pern from Thread.

Soon after Merelan and Robinton are left in their room, Merelan breaks down and cries. Robinton tells Merelan that he can hear dragons.

Robinton considers the fact that he'll be able to visit Benden Weyr, and that'll make it easier when he has to visit the abandoned Fort Weyr, a kind of rite of passage among the apprentices.

Robinton soon made himself at home in Benden. During Maizella's lessons, Merelan had her sing with him. Falloner is impressed by Robinton's singing ability.

Falloner invites Robinton to "scare the watch-wher", something Robinton does not allow people to do. Robinton head-butts Falloner, and makes him promise not to hurt the watch-wher.

About six sevendays later, Robinton meets Weyrleader S'loner and Weyrwoman Carola, learning that Falloner was the son of the Weyrleader.

Merelan asks Robinton to sing the Question Song at the banquet with S'loner and Carola, which pleases the Weyrleader considerably. The song was reintroduced into the teaching songs at Benden Hold, by request of S'loner.

Five days later, they visit the Weyr. Falloner lets it slip that he was at Benden due to some kind of trouble he'd gotten into at the Weyr.

Falloner accompanies Robinton to the Weyr. It is revealed that Falloner likes to tease a girl named Larna, who "follows [him] everywhere". Larna was Carola's daughter.

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