Chapter 6 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 8

Covers the Turn 2LI403 (2460 AL)

Robinton and Falloner arrive at the Weyr. There they meet Stolla, headwoman of the Lower Caverns at the Weyr.

Falloner shows Robinton around the Weyr. Robinton sees the Weyr archives, and observes that many of the records are very poorly cared-for. They then visit the Hatching Grounds (empty at the time). Falloner tells him about how the eggs develop, and tells him that S'loner had informed him that, once a very long while, a dragonet dies in the shell. They talk about the return of Thread. Falloner pointed out that there had been Long Intervals before [note: actually only a single Long Interval, but it seems that it had gotten confused at some point among the Pernese themselves, and they came to believe there had been more than one], but none where all six Weyrs weren't present.

They then visited the barracks, and Fallarnon introduced Robinton to his friends.

Falloner mentions to Robinton that there were many empty, unused, passageways and rooms.

During pre-dinner conversations, it's revealed that Rangul pushed Larna into the midden. For that, he had to peel potatoes.

Robinton again sang the Question Song at dinner that first night.

The next day, they return to Benden Hold. That day, they received a delivery from the Harper Hall of a new piece by Petiron, very much different from his usual style. More melancholic and expressive.

Characters Introduced Edit

  • Bravoner - younger brother of Falloner
  • Jesken - friend of Falloner
  • Miata - teacher at Benden Weyr, handles basic lessons
  • Milla - A serving-woman
  • Morif - friend of Falloner
  • Pragal - friend of Falloner
  • Stolla

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