Chapter 8 The MasterHarper of Pern Chapter 10

Covers the Turn 2LI409 (2466 AL)

Robinton arrives at High Reaches, thanks to a ride from F'lon. His relationship with his father his now completely severed. Gennel, Ogolly, and Washell see him off on his journey.

Master Lobirn was not pleased to have such a young journeyman, and was initially rather harsh towards Robinton. Lobirn asks him who his parents were. He reacted favorably to his mother, but not to his father.

Robinton was rather surprised to learn that much of hte music used by Lobirn was Robinton's compositions, though he did not know it.

Lobirn gradually warmed towards Robinton, as he saw how patient he was with the slower children. Robinton was assigned the slowest and youngest children, which he did not mind at all.

During his travels around High Reaches, Robinton often composed.

One of the holds he visited was Murfy Hold, where he was snowed in for three days.

While at High Reaches, Robinton first encounters Fax, who takes an instant disliking to him. At the time, he was in his mid-20's. He had recently taken hold at one of the valley holdings in High Reaches, ruling it with an iron fist.

During his stay, Master Lobirn learns of Robinton's songwriting. He finds this incredibly funny, and after this, he treats him far more respectfully, almost as an equal.

Robinton learns that no harpers are requested - or allowed - in Fax's domain. Robinton is upset that his holders are not learning their rights under the Charter.

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